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How to Order



Step 1

Choose what you want

As you can see, I draw different kind of cartoons and logos.

Click on the images below to know more about each style and what I need to create your artworks

These are some examples, but you can find a lot more ion my instagram profile.

[yolo_portfolio portfolio_thumbnail=”squared” portfolio_title=”bottom” portfolio_bg_tabs=”has-images” overlay_effect=”effect_6″ column=”6″ show_pagging=”1″ item=”18″ padding=”col-padding-10″ category=”cartoons,graphic-design”]

Step 2


Contact me and tell me what you want.

I will tell you an estimation for your commission.

You can use the contact form below, but it will be faster if you use WhatsApp (+34 607 91 22 69) or Facebook Messenger.

    Step 3

    Confirm your order

    If you are ok with the price estimation, you have to do an advance payment: 50% of the estimation. At the end of the job I will tell you the final price, so you are free to add more things or change your idea during the design process. We accept Paypal and Bank Transfer payments

    If photos are needed, I will need front, 3/4 and side face close-ups. Also body photos, if you want full body cartoons. Good mobile photos will work.

    Step 4

    The Job

    During the job I will send you sketches or artworks to check they are ok, and you can tell me about any change or feature I missed of the character.

    This is what I prefer to be in contact by a social network: it will help us to work better and faster.

    Step 5

    Payment and Delivery

    At the end of the job, I will share with you a link with the High Res artworks. You will find there:

    • High res PNG with transparent background
    • High res PDF, vectorial (in case the job was done in vectors)

    I will tel you the final price of the job and you can do the payment of the rest.

    If you want an Invoice (company or customer) you can have it.