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If you are interested in a cartoon of your dog, you should follow this

Step 1
Choose the kind of job you want and ask for estimation.

    Vector Art Cartoon Portrait

    Comic Art Cartoon Portrait

    Vector Art Cartoon Full Body

    Comic Art Cartoon Full-Body

    Not only dogs…

    Also humans

    Clubs and Business Logos

    Commercial Branding

    Graphic design and Illustration

    Cartoony designs & Stickers

    Customized Dogmoticons/Stickers

    Step 2
    Payment in advance

    Pay in advance to place your order in the waiting list*.

    * Estimated waiting list: 10-15 days.

    Step 3
    Send photos following the photo tips

    To draw any dog/pet face I will need:

    • close-up photos of your dog’s face and it will be better if I have both sides and front.
    • A bit sided (3/4) is always better because we can draw the snout and they look nicer. Anyway, a fronted photo is also good if you like the portrait this way.
    • High-quality photos are not needed. Only close-ups with good light (phone photos will be ok). Check if the fur colour is ok in the photo
    • Better if they are not taken too close (fish-eye effect with big noses) and not taken from above (they look strange in a portrait).

    If you want full body cartoons:

    • Full-body photos
    • I need to see their paws and tail too (You could send me several photos).
    • A reference photo of the pose/action you want, even if it’s not your dog.

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