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The Jett Set

[themestudio_title title=”This is Jett” title_color=”#000000″][/themestudio_title]


[themestudio_title title=”Jett is a happy dog” title_color=”#000000″][/themestudio_title]

LOL Jett

Jett Smiley

Big Smile Jett

[themestudio_title title=”She Likes to Party… A lot” title_color=”#000000″][/themestudio_title]

Woohoo Jett

BirthDay Jett

Party Jett

[themestudio_title title=”And to Meet Handsome Dogs” title_color=”#000000″][/themestudio_title]

Jett Loves It

Flush Jett

Jett in Love

[themestudio_title title=”Oh, Yes! She likes to eat, too!!!” title_color=”#000000″][/themestudio_title]

Delicious Jett

Feeding Time Jett

Cookie Jett

[themestudio_title title=”Maybe she doesn’t like so much the day after…” title_color=”#000000″][/themestudio_title]

Pukey Jett

Sick Jett

Monday Jett

[themestudio_title title=”It’s better to go to the movies, Jett. You could choose: Scary, Emotional…Boring…” title_color=”#000000″][/themestudio_title]

Scary Jett

Moved Jett

Bored Jett

[themestudio_title title=”But sometimes she is not so happy” title_color=”#000000″][/themestudio_title]

Grumpy Jett

The Angry Jett


[themestudio_title title=”I don’t like when she is sad” title_color=”#000000″][/themestudio_title]

Disgusting Jett

Sad Jett

Crying Jett

[themestudio_title title=”You know… It’s very difficult to be a girl” title_color=”#000000″][/themestudio_title]

The Question Jett

The Thinking Jett

Amazed Jett

[themestudio_title title=”Things can be good or bad” title_color=”#000000″][/themestudio_title]

Thumbs Up Jett

Thumbs Down Jett

[themestudio_title title=”And Jett can be good… or Evil mwuoahahahaha!!!!” title_color=”#000000″][/themestudio_title]

Saint Joan Jett

Evil (Usual) Jett

[themestudio_title title=”She is so cute, so adorable, so… so… ” title_color=”#000000″][/themestudio_title]

Fly Jett

OMG! Jett

The Sleepy Jett

[themestudio_title title=”Hey!!! I’m talking to you girl!!! Ok, Ok, I forgive you… You, crazy girl…” title_color=”#000000″][/themestudio_title]

Ups! Jett

Kissing Jett

Fool Jett

[themestudio_title title=”Of course she is a Sports Girl!!! She tries to be in shape and she is very self-confident” title_color=”#000000″][/themestudio_title]

Sporty Jett

Discdog Jett

Cool Jett

[themestudio_title title=”But the most important thing is that she loves her family.
And her family loves her.” title_color=”#000000″][/themestudio_title]

Jett & bros.

[themestudio_title title=”So… Do you have dogs like Jett?
And why you don’t have cartoons for telling their story?” title_color=”#000000″][/themestudio_title]