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Photo Tips

To draw any dog/pet face I will need:

  • close-up photos of your dog’s face and it will be better if I have both sides and front.
  • A bit sided (3/4) is always better because we can draw the snout and they look nicer. Anyway, a fronted photo is also good if you like the portrait this way.
  • High-quality photos are not needed. Only close-ups with good light (phone photos will be ok). Check if the fur colour is ok in the photo
  • Better if they are not taken too close (fish-eye effect with big noses) and not taken from above (they look strange in a portrait).

If you want full body cartoons:

  • Full-body photos
  • I need to see their paws and tail too (You could send me several photos).
  • A reference photo of the pose/action you want, even if it’s not your dog.

If you have any question, don’t hesitate on contacting me.
You can send me the photos via Facebook or Instagram. Also via e-mail, but communication will be slower.

Looking forward to knowing more about what you want.

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If you have any question, don’t hesitate on contacting me via Facebook or Instagram